World Book Day


On 1st March 2012 we celerated the World Book Day. We explained why reading is important for our well- being: It makes us smarter and happier. Thanks to reading, our imagination works greater and we form better relationships with the others. We improve our vocabulary and speaking and writing skills. The children from classes 1-5 took part in the Poetry Competition. The winner in Key Stage 1 is Marlenka Wasiak. The second place belongs to Piotrek Malinowski. Robert Ostafiński- Bodler got a distinction. In KS2 group the first prize went to Marcysia Jarocka. The second prize was won by Bartek Malinowski. Andrzej Karpiński got a distinction. The older pupils took part in the Best Story Teller competition. The best Story Teller, according to our children, was Andreas Scholl. Mikołaj Kułakowski got the second place. What is more, during that day we created a list of books recommended for the others. The pupils took part in sport activities and in the Fairy Tale disco which brought everybody lots of fun. After this day we should all remember- read every day, day by day!