Talent Show 2013


Here are the results of the Talent Show that took place on Wednesday, 17/04/2013.

First place: Mateusz Wawrzynowicz (the funniest participant who made the whole school laugh)

Second place: Wiktoria Kazmierczak, Alicja Wasiak, Karolina Janson(the best dancers in the school)

Third place:

  • Andrzej Karpinski (the talented cook), 
  • Patryk Madyavanhu (the youngest singer), 
  • Marta Wawrzynowicz (the future scientist who entertained the children with interesting experiments) 

Congratulations to all the winners. The children had a lot of fun. We hope this will encourage more children to participate in the Talent Show next year.

The Winner2nd price3rd placeThe funniest participant of the talent showOur very own dancing queensThe best cook in townThe youngest finalist who loves singingBehind a cloud of smoke. That was an exciting moment for the children.Elizabeth