"Young and Old" - IPC lessons (Classes 3 and 4)


Classes 3 and 4 are exploring “Young and Old” topic at IPC lessons at the moment. That is why they invited Mrs Bryl who is the mother of 3 year old Marysia to talk to them about a life of a small child. Mrs Bryl arrived at the meeting with her daughter and a big bag full of baby clothes, nappies, food and toys. She answered many interesting questions, demonstrated a nappy’s change and shared a lot of details about care and work which is required into a child’s upbringing. The meeting ended up with some lovely dessert - baby fruit puree and small gifts which each pupil received thanks to Mrs Bryl’s generosity. Everyone was delighted with it. It was a lovely and very informative meeting.

Week later Classes 3 and 4 organised another meeting. This time they invited Mr Fernandez-Peña - who is the grandfather of Lucia. Mr Rodriguez-Pena talked about his daily routine, hobbies and his life in general. Thanks to this interview, children had an opportunity to find out what problems and difficulties elderly people might face. The meeting was filled with lots of fun and laugh. Everyone enjoyed it.