Science Day


The Science Day was on 20th and 21st of April. After the date was released we had to prepare our class experiments for the first day of The Science Day. We had to prepare them with the main organisers, Ms Kasia ( Chemistry Teacher) and Ms Ania Urbaniak-Lech ( Science Teacher). Each person from classes 7-9 had their own experiment to show during the event. The theme of the show was “ Birthday Party”.

On the first day of Science Day, we had to create element nacklaces for the pupils. Each of the students from classes 7-9 had a station to show and make an experiment with the rest of the pupils.

On the second day, the students had to solve riddles connected with science.

We also celebrated The Earth Day on the same day. We saw a presentation about how we can help our planet, and then we made some water bottle decorations to hang on on the groud floor

In our opinion the best part of The Science Day were the experiments that we presented.


By Jagoda & Milan