Classes 5,6 and 7 Trip to The Palm House


Classes 5,6 and 7 trip to the Palm House On 26th September 2012 we went for a whole day trip to the Palm House. ~Julia class 5 Our trip started with going on the bus. I think everybody liked it because they were laughing and jumping like mad.~Karolina class7 When we got to the Willson Park we fed ducks and birds with bread and had Michał's lottery.~ Iza class 6 In the Palm House we saw very interesting, dangerous animals and nice plants. There was very warm inside and we all were thirsty.~ Wiktoria class 5 Then we got some free time so we went to the cafe and ordered fresh juice and a piece of cake that no one could finish. At the end we bought some souvenirs and went to McDonald's for a delicious meal.~ Wiktoria class 7