Letter and pictures from Sangha (Mali)


The PBIS pupils received a letter and lots of colourful, detailed and interesting pictures from the pupils who go to School in Sangha, Mali as a thank you for all the generous gifts that they were kindly sent at the beginning of this School Year.


 The letter was written by the pupils from Class 5 from the Primary School in Sagha, in Mali. It was originally written in French.

  Poznań British International School

We are the children from Class 5, but because there are 130 pupils in one class we are divided into two groups. One group goes to school in the morning and the other one in the afternoon. Our teacher's name is Pierre Dolo. He works in shifts from the morning to the evening. He does a double-time job. We think that in Poland there are less than 50 pupils in one class. Do children in Poland go to school in shifts? It sometimes happens that one teacher is missing and then the children from Classes 5 and 6 work together. Our school is one of the three oldest schools in Mali and the oldest one in the Mopti district. It was founded in 1909. In our school there are Classes 1-6. Each teacher has got one class. Our principal's name is Niaba Dolo and the other principal's name is Yba. He is also a teacher. In our class the pupils are 12-14 years old. What do pupils in Poland do at break times? We play outside. How many subjects do you have at school? Are any children from Africa in your school? How many children are there in your school? What's your principal's name? Are your teachers nice? The parcel from you was handed to us by Mr David Dolo.

We thank you very much on behalf of us and our teachers. Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year 2016.

See you soon.

Sangha, 10th December 2015.