Etwinning project with St. Michael School


The Etwinning project with St.Michael School was concluded by the exchange of a short video clip were the pupils shared their comments, explained the processes involved in the making of the model and expressed their feelings. The project started on March with a trip to the Cathedral and the Town Hall in Poznań. Here the pupils involved in the projects (Classes7-9) drew simple drawings of interesting details in these buildings, made some rubbings and took photos. The pupils from Malta did the same thing. They chose the Prehistoric Temple of Hagar Qim and the Mosta Church. All sketches and information were exchanged. Our group chose Hagar Qim Temple and the work on the model started. At the beginning it seemed that it was going to be an easy task but as time passed the pupils realised that it indeed was quite challenging. However, the group did not give up and worked hard together. Well done Classes 7, 8 and 9.

Hagar Qim model. work in progressHagar Qim model. work in progressHagar Qim model. work in progressHagar Qim modelHagar Qim modelPBIS pupils from Classes 7 to 9 involved in the Etwinning projectSt. Michael's school pupil talking about their model of Poznan's Town HallThe group from St.Michael's school that was invoved in the etwinning projectThe model of the Town Hall made by the maltese pupils