The Parent Teacher Association

Here is some information regarding our functions at PBIS

1. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

PTA consists of all parents and teachers. Its main functions are to support the school and to give to the parents a channel to work together for the benefit of the school and children. PTA has meetings approximately every six weeks. The meetings start at 8.30am and finish by 9.30am. In the meetings we discuss current issues at school and plan oncoming PTA events and activities for both children and adults.
In previous years we have had eg Dutch Sinterklaas and Czech Mikulas. International Day, Social Evenings and Treasure Hunt.

2. Automatic Membership and Fee

Parents and teachers are automatically members of the PTA. An annual fee of 100 PLN per child, 150 PLN for 2 children or 200 PLN for 3 children is collected from the parents to cover all the necessary funds to organise PTA events for children. The fee was introduced to eliminate continuous fundraising during the school year.

3. Committee

There is a Committee of five members who are either nominated or voted for and elected. On the Committee there are Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. There posts should not last for more than two years at time Feel free to get in touch with any of the Committee members if there are matters, or issues, you wish to discuss at meetings that concern PTA.  

  • Chair:Tamara Greinert-Czekalska
  • Vice-Chair: Agata Bryl
  • Treasurer: Edyta Hasan
  • Secretary:Iwona Łopińska

Welcome to our next meeting on 10th November in the Lunch Room.