International middle years curriculum


Units of Work

Facilitating real learning. Saving teachers huge amounts of time. Enjoyable, too - for seachers and children. 70 different, exciting thematic units of work. Tried and tested, ready to use, now."The IPC has provided the catalyst for RIS to re-examine the curriculum, and make improvements to the quality of teaching and learning... There is tremendous enthusiasm, excitement and energy about the IPC enabling us to focus on 'how we teach' and no longer 'what we teach'." Dr Jan Wilson, Director, Regionale Internationale School, Eindhoven, Netherlands

The Learning Goals

The clearest you'll find, helping teachers, children and parents understand the real purpose of every lesson and every activity. Knowledge, skills, understanding. Every subject, personal development and, uniquely, international mindedness. "For us it has been good to have the benchmarks as another set of assessment aims to compare our curriculum and standards by." Helen Sharrock, Head of Elementary School, International School, Dhaka

Brain-friendly Approaches

The IPC transforms brain research theory into classroom practice, giving teachers, children and schools the most up-to-date learning activities and approaches.
Multiple intelligences, learning styles, special units about learning, research and record methodology, high challenge